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About Us

The Carinthian Herbal Workshop is the two of us, Nicole Stattmann and Andreas Strohmeier.

As a manufacturer, we have been devoting ourselves to the processing of herbs since 2018, i.e. “mindful handwork from the harvest to the bottle”.

The products are sold on domestic markets , with selected partners and via the web shop.

High-quality herbal extracts are made from the hand-picked herbs, roots and berries.

“For the love of nature” is not just a slogan, it reflects our attitude to life. Our job allows us to spend a lot of time in nature and so we learn from the best teacher, nature itself.

We find everything we need in nature, but much of the knowledge about the use of herbs has been lost.

"In the past, people used home remedies until they no longer helped and then went to the doctor; today it's often the other way around."

We have therefore made it our mission to revitalize the knowledge and use of herbs, to strengthen personal responsibility and to offer an alternative that supports the body and well-being in a natural way.


The workshop

The home-harvested herbs, roots and berries are processed in the production facility, the “workshop”. The high-quality essences, tinctures and body oils are carefully made by hand.

The herbal primer

Application experiences and detailed plant portraits have been collected since August 2018 and you can find these in the social project “Herb Primer” either for download right here on the homepage (via newsletter registration) or as a high-quality printed brochure at our market stand and in the web shop.

Highest quality and particularly bioavailable herbal extracts

Since the “Kärnten Herbal Workshop” was founded in 2018, the aim has been to produce the highest quality and particularly bioavailable herbal extracts.

The quality guarantee

An uncompromising understanding of quality ensured that countless different production methods were tried out in order to achieve the best possible result. You can find out why and, above all, how our own, particularly strict requirements are met in the quality guarantee and on the manufacturing and production page.


Manual harvest

Most of the plant parts (herbs, roots and berries) are collected in the Carinthian mountains at over 1,100 meters above sea level. At this altitude we expect less environmental impact, greater resistance and therefore higher quality ingredients from the plants.

The quality of time we spend in nature is particularly valuable. Through careful selection during the harvest, we make sure which hand-picked plants are harvested to later end up in the bottles as herbal extracts.

The herbs can only be harvested at certain times and so we are harvesting all year round and receive what nature provides us in abundance.


Plant origins

Not all of our herbs prefer the lofty heights of the mountains, so we are fortunate to be able to plant and harvest some in the familiar gardens of family and friends.

We grow plants such as the herb of immortality, the cistus, the immortelle, the motherwort, the coneflower, the calamus and the tiger grass in our parents' gardens in Neu-Feffernitz, St. Andrä and Feldkirchen.

We were also able to make exciting discoveries on vacation and the samphire and Phoenician juniper berries come from the sunny island of Hvar in beautiful Croatia.

This year, samphire and immortelle are of course on the harvest list for the June harvest in Markaska, but we will also be harvesting the cistus there, which we already researched in autumn last year.

We look forward to further exciting discoveries from nature.


We collect and harvest the herbs in an absolutely natural way.


For products that are purchased, organic or organic certification is our minimum standard.

Unfortunately, our wild collections in nature cannot be certified, but you will get the best possible quality here.

You can find detailed information about the origin of the products directly.

You can find an introduction video from Arcadia TV of us and the herbal workshop on YouTube.

Manuela Karner wrote a very nice report about the herbal workshop in the Kronen Zeitung from June 22nd, 2022, which you can see here:


Many thanks to Dr. Gustav Schatzmayr for the great article in goodstuff-alpenadria, you can read it here

Satisfied customers are very important to us.

So that other customers can find us as well, we would be happy if you would share your impressions and feedback with us using this link . This is quick and helps us immensely.