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Mindful handwork from the harvest to the bottle


The extracts (essences, tinctures and body oils) are processed carefully by hand from the harvest, through all further production steps, to bottling and labeling.

This means we can personally monitor the fulfillment of our high quality standards at every step of the process.


The work in the workshop

After harvesting, the hand-picked herbs, berries and roots are carefully and gently dried so that their valuable ingredients are preserved as best as possible for further processing.

Together with natural raw materials and gentle processing methods, plant extracts offer high-quality active ingredient complexes that are easy to use and offer a long shelf life.

When the extracts are prepared, the dried plant parts are added to the carrier liquid and chopped with a high-frequency mixer to make it easier for the carrier liquid to absorb the ingredients.

This achieves optimal extraction of the ingredients and the plant extracts are obtained with very high bioavailability.



Then time is the decisive factor, because the extracts are allowed to mature for twelve weeks and are shaken regularly over this period.

Herb presses

For further processing, it then goes into the herb press to extract every last valuable droplet from the planted herb.

This is a crucial process for getting the “essence of the herb” into the bottle, because the drops that are still hidden in the herb contain highly concentrated active ingredients.


To ensure that the excess plant parts do not end up in the extracts, the approaches are carefully filtered in this step.

The amphoras

For interim storage, the finished extracts are filled into large amphorae so that the remaining suspended matter can settle to the bottom.


Finally, the matured extracts are filled into bottles and sealed with the high-quality glass pipette for easier dosing.

Labeling and batch control

The penultimate step is to stick the label on and place the batch control number and the best-before date on the bottom.

The color code

The final step is to paint the color code by hand for easier identification. This not only helps therapists, but you can also easily distinguish between the different extracts thanks to the different labels.

Both the processing of our natural products and the packaging are lovingly handcrafted for quality reasons.

In short, pure nature and handcraft are what sets us apart.

This is how we create “mindful handwork from the harvest to the bottle”.


Due to the high hygiene standards as a food and cosmetics producer, a visit to the production facility is only possible to a very limited extent and, if so, then primarily with an appointment.

We look forward to your visit to the markets, which you can find here .

Satisfied customers are very important to us.

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