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Our quality guarantee

Our goal is to produce the highest quality herbal extracts available.

That's why we have imposed strict requirements on ourselves, which is why we give you this quality guarantee and personally vouch for it.


From the experience of generations with the latest findings

Developing the recipes for our products took a lot of time in 2018.

Based on traditional knowledge passed down through generations coupled with the latest techniques and scientific findings, we have tested various production processes to achieve the best possible result.

Attentive out of appreciation

We carefully harvest the herbs, berries and roots for our products ourselves by hand on the Carinthian mountain pastures - primarily in the Drautal valley at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level. We only select the most beautiful plants and plant parts.

What we cannot harvest in the Carinthian mountains, we grow in our own gardens from Feffernitz to St. Andrä to Feldkirchen.

Even on vacation we discovered valuable, wild plants such as samphire, cistus and Phoenician juniper berries, which get a particularly large number of hours of sunshine in Croatia.

We inform you about the origin of the raw materials used in our catalog in the respective product descriptions and on the homepage.

Handcrafted with care

The continuous manual processing of our products is particularly important to us.

This begins with planting and harvesting and continues in all further production steps up to manual labeling.

Only if we have everything in our own hands right from the start can we carry out the most important smell and taste checks at every step of production.

Gentle air drying preserves the valuable ingredients of the herbs and ensures the highest possible bioavailability.

For optimal maturation of our extracts, all batches are shaken by hand several times and matured for three months.


Strictly tested out of responsibility

All of our herbal essences have been tested by the Carinthian state government office - ILV Kärnten, food inspection. These reviews include all legal regulations from the LMSVG Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act, Medicines Act, Regulation (EC) No. 1925/2006 (Enrichment Regulation), NEMVO Food Supplement Regulation 2004, Recommendation of the Austrian Codex Commission for the use of plants and parts of plants in food supplements, Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 on novel foods, Novel Food Catalogue, European Food Safety Authority EFSA Guidance on Safety assessment of botanicals and botanical preparations intended for use as ingredients in food supplements, published on September 10, 2009, European Food Safety Authority EFSA Compendium of Botanicals, list of substances DACH, ÖMLB Chapter B31 Austrian Food Book IV, THIE Tea, Wild Plant List, BELFRIT and Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 regarding consumer information about food.

In cosmetics production, we comply with all GMP criteria (Good Manufacturing Practice) and are also registered in the EU-wide CNPC notification system.

All our body oils have been tested for the safety assessment of cosmetics in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1223/2009. They were assessed for the toxicological profile of the components and raw materials as well as their available toxicological and dermatological documentation, according to the finished product tests including microbiological tests, the safety data sheets, legal regulations and marketing experience. As far as necessary, the chemical structure is evaluated, including the recipe, the finished product testing regulations, the raw material testing regulations and physical and chemical tests. They have been evaluated for the level of exposure resulting from the conditions of use as specified in the instructions for use. To protect consumers, the voluntary and statutory warnings and other information contained in the labeling, instructions for use and application instructions were reviewed.

Additional standards

In addition to all legal regulations, we also work according to some pharmaceutical standards, such as a hygiene lock. After Andreas was able to work as an external technician for large pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland, Spain and Belgium, he can also bring in some useful things for production here.


After the first unannounced inspection in June 2020 by the Office of the Carinthian State Government, Department 5 - Health and Care, according to the inspection report, there are no complaints about our structural, device-specific and system technical requirements at our facility. During such checks, all measures relating to implementation, hygiene and training as well as the documentation requirements of all batches, which we fully comply with, are also checked.

We personally vouch for the ongoing fulfillment of our quality criteria with our name!

Nicole Stattmann & Andreas Strohmeier