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Herbal primer - Our social project

The Herbal Primer - Our social project to practice personal responsibility and obtain home remedies

We introduce ourselves:

We, that is Andreas Strohmeier and Nicole Stattmann, are dealing with these
Applications of herbs and the most holistic approach possible
Supporting the body and well-being.

Our herbal primer is a collection of all the information we have verified, lots of feedback and our own experiences. Here we document various plants and their effects.

The current print version is the seventh large edition and overall there are countless voices from almost five years of market research behind it.

You can find a version to view on our Facebook page.

The herbal primer is also available as a PDF download. To do this, simply sign up for the newsletter and you will receive the download link.


The history of the herbal primer

As two people who are both independently concerned with personal health, we have both tried different nutritional supplements since before we knew each other. When we started looking into herbal extracts, we were both so impressed by the positive effects that we decided to write down our experiences and research. In 2018 it started with a few pieces of paper on which we shared our knowledge and...
put the experiences from our environment on paper.

The herbal guide is now a little more extensive and our knowledge is
and the experiences grow every day. We especially owe that
the numerous feedback we regularly receive. This feedback and the trust associated with it give us the necessary strength and motivation to continue this task.
We look forward to any feedback on the herbs, which we present here as best as possible. If you would like to join our project to incorporate your knowledge and experience, we would be very happy about your cooperation, because as soon as the current primer is printed, work begins again for the next version.


If you would like to support this project, you are welcome to write personally to or or contact us on the Facebook page “Kräuterfibel”.


All information is based on our current state of knowledge. This one
The herbal extracts described are home remedies and alternative methods and should be seen as such. They do not replace the pharmacist, the doctor and their diagnosis, nor a healthy lifestyle. Since this is self-treatment, we assume no liability!
The best “doctors” are sun, fresh air, exercise and a positive attitude
attitude to life and can also be achieved through a few drops or a tablet
or not replacing a syringe. Herbal active ingredients and their are used here
Application experiences described. Any information available here is for initial information purposes and is not verified for accuracy by licensed physicians. They cannot therefore replace a specialist medical diagnosis and/or treatment by a doctor.


Foreword Andrew

I had my first experiences with herbs and their use in my earliest days as a child. My grandmother Ida Strohmeier was very experienced in dealing with herbs and also passed on her knowledge as a teacher. I remember getting the eyebright for Grandma when I was so little and could barely walk.

Time passes and when the level of suffering increases, you remember old methods that worked. This is also what my development looks like and after massive health problems, I was faced with the idea that it would be sensible to change something and take personal responsibility for myself. During this time I also looked into old home remedies and after the first few attempts I was very impressed by how effective herbal extracts in particular were for some
Topics can be and still are for me. That's why we continue to revise our experiences with the herbs and include the relevant feedback in our fifth large edition of the herbal guide.

Thank you for your many companions!


Foreword Nicole

Health has always been and is an important topic in my family. However, it took me a little longer to take responsibility for my well-being. As a child and teenager, I suffered from neurodermatitis, obesity and allergies. These illnesses are often due to a mental imbalance and so I started looking for ways to restore my physical and mental balance. I attended numerous courses, lectures and did
various training and therapies. This allowed me to gain a better understanding of body and soul step by step. Neurodermatitis and the like are now history, the path to a better understanding of myself and my environment will hopefully always accompany me.

“By engaging with themselves and with nature, people promote their health awareness and become more aware of their bodies. Illnesses do not attack us out of the blue, but rather develop from daily sins against nature. When these have accumulated, they burst out suddenly.” – Hippocrates of Kos


The herb primer is embedded on the website of the “Kärnten Herbal Workshop”, but it is an independent project

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