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Canadian Goldenrod Oil

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Scientific name of the herb: Solidago canadensis.

Herbal extract in 50ml brown pharmacy bottle with high-quality glass pipette and teat or 100ml brown pharmacy bottle with black pump cap.

Application: Externally for soothing skin care.


(INCI names): Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Solidago Canadensis Extract.

Base oil

Organic almond oil, ideal skin care oil for all skin types. Especially recommended for sensitive, sensitive skin.

Origin of the goldenrod: natural Canadian goldenrod herb collected from the wild in the Carinthian mountains

Feedback and application experiences*

Supports against joint pain, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis, muscle tension, sprains and bruises.

Interesting things

Its country of origin is northern America, where the Indians value it as a medicinal plant. The flowers are a remedy for sore throats, the sap from the plant is used on rattlesnake bites to draw out the venom. It was the favorite herb of Martin Luther, who used it to heal his many ailments. The domestic goldenrod is the same in terms of ingredients.

General information about our oils

Caring for your body with oils is not an innovative idea from the modern cosmetics industry. Rather, natural oils have been considered healing and effective care for internal and external use for thousands of years.

A big advantage of our skin and care oils is that they do not contain any preservatives.

For external use, an oil extract is the optimal care because an oil remains on the skin and the plant nutrients can be easily absorbed.

We use organic almond oil as the base oil, which is an ideal skin care oil for all skin types and is particularly recommended for sensitive and sensitive skin. Almond oil is almost colorless and odorless.


For daily use, it is recommended to apply the body oil to damp skin immediately after the shower. This means that the oil is not only easier to spread, it is also absorbed more quickly and you only need a few drops.

Store in a dry place away from heat and light.

*The most valuable feedback and application experiences come from the herbal primer.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Anda Ground
    Wohltat für meine Gelenke

    Das Kanadische Goldrutenöl hilft mir bei meinen Gelenksbeschwerden sehr gut. Vor über 30 Jahren habe ich mir eine Rückenverletzung zugezogen und noch nichts besseres als dieses Körperöl gegen die Schmerzen gefunden. Auch gegen meine Abnützungen durch Arthrose, die leider öfter schubweise kommen setzte ich es ganz erfolgreich ein.