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Corn Beard Essence

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Corn beard is a versatile and healthy superfood and contains many important nutrients and vitamins

Scientific name of the herb: Zea mays

Herbal extract in 50ml brown pharmacy bottle with high-quality glass pipette and teat.

The recommended daily dose is 2x 15 drops of corn beard extract.

30 drops contain 100 milligrams of corn beard extract.

Sufficient for 50 days as a treatment (with 2x 15 drops daily)


Organic ethanol *, organic corn beard. *contains 38% vol alcohol.

Feedback and application experiences*

To strengthen the pelvic floor, against bladder infections, is considered to be female Viagra at a higher dosage, supports the kidneys, purifies, and is also used in slimming diets.

Corn beard is a water-repellent natural remedy. It is also used against diabetes, bladder grit, gallbladder problems, liver diseases and kidney stones and prostate problems.

It strengthens the woman's abdomen. Corn beard is the number one women's herb for preventing women's diseases. It also has a preventive effect. By taking the essence, prophylaxis against abdominal problems can be established.


The standard dosage for our essences is 2x 15 pots daily. To make dosing easier, we use glass pipettes with suction cups. Squeeze the red suction cup once and you will have about 15 drops in the pipette. The essence can be placed directly under the tongue or taken with a little water. If several essences are taken, an interval of half an hour should always be maintained. It is recommended that you take medication three hours apart.

Taken in the form of a cure

Another option for taking it is a cure. This always lasts 21 days and begins for women seven days after the start of menstruation, for everyone else five days after the full moon if you want to go by the moon.

You can also do several treatments in a row, but you should always take a break of seven days.


Ethanol (=alcohol) is a natural product that is formed from carbohydrates during yeast fermentation.

An essence is a plant extract in which the ingredients are dissolved by extraction with ethanol. The ethanol dissolves all water-soluble ingredients from the plant.

Ethanol extracts are a good way to make the ingredients of plants available and durable. They are also ideal acute remedies because they can produce a rapid effect by being absorbed into the blood. Essences are primarily used internally, but depending on the herb, they can also be used externally for minor injuries or mosquito bites. As the basis for our extracts, we use an organic grain spirit, which is mixed for us by our trustworthy farmer in the right grammage .

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied, healthy diet!

Pregnant women and people under medical treatment should only take the products under therapeutic advice.

Please keep the products out of the reach of small children.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

*The most valuable feedback and application experiences come from the herbal primer. 

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