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Canadian Goldenrod Tincture

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Its country of origin is northern America, where the Indians value it as a medicinal plant. The flowers are a remedy for sore throats, the sap from the plant is used on rattlesnake bites to draw out the venom. It was the favorite herb of Martin Luther, who used it to heal his many ailments.

Scientific name of the herb: Solidago canadensis.

Herbal extract in 50ml brown pharmacy bottle with high-quality glass pipette and teat.

The recommended daily dose is 2x 15 drops of goldenrod extract.

30 drops contain 100 milligrams of goldenrod extract.

Sufficient for 50 days as a treatment (with 2x 15 drops daily)


Organic ethanol *, natural Canadian goldenrod from wild collection in the Carinthian mountains. *contains 38% vol alcohol.

Feedback and application experiences*

Supports against pollen allergy and hay fever; Bladder and kidney strengthening.

External applications: against insect bites, against fungal infections (apply twice daily for nail or athlete's foot)


Ethanol (=alcohol) is a natural product that is formed from carbohydrates during yeast fermentation.

A tincture is a plant extract in which the ingredients are dissolved by extraction with ethanol. The ethanol dissolves all water-soluble ingredients from the plant. Ethanol extracts are a good way to make the ingredients of plants available and durable.

Our tinctures are declared as plant fertilizers.

*The most valuable feedback and application experiences come from the herbal primer.

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