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The goals of the herbal primer social project

“In the past, people used home remedies until they no longer helped and then went to the doctor, today it’s exactly the opposite.”

In my opinion, this statement, which I heard from a Viennese pharmacist in autumn 2018, gets to the heart of the situation. When I personally had health issues from November 2016, I consulted several hospitals and doctors, first in Erfurt, then in Vienna and finally in Carinthia, as my path took me back home.

During all hospital and doctor visits I made the same observation, namely that out of an average of 20 people in the waiting rooms, in my opinion, at most one or two actually needed the help of a doctor.

I couldn't be helped, especially because no doctor had the time to even listen to my story. Admittedly, after chemical poisoning and various heavy metals in my brain (as it turned out later), I was barely able to articulate myself properly.

In my opinion, the poor doctors hardly have the opportunity to properly treat the people who really need their help and that's why in autumn 2018 I started compiling experiences with home remedies.

After countless markets where I have had a few conversations, I would like to thank the many people for their trust in me. But that is also my obligation not to stop here. Furthermore, this trust gives me the strength that is necessary for this.

Thank you very much for that!

As an unbelieving Thomas, I am a very pragmatic person. On the other hand, I love things that work. As a state-qualified electrical engineer, I like to look at things from a technical and scientific perspective, but many application experiences have convinced me that I dare to evaluate some methods as positive.

But what I learned in particular is the following: “You can't buy the most important things in life and you can't pay for them with anything.” And in my opinion, this is especially true when it comes to your own health.

In my opinion, fresh air, exercise, a healthy diet (no industrially manufactured foods) and sun cannot replace the best doctor and all the injections and tablets.

But communication is also very important, as the Dalai Lama says: “You have to know two things about the truth: firstly, is it necessary to tell the truth and secondly, is it reasonable to tell the truth?”

So I am of the opinion: “It is always much easier to be wise for others than for yourself.”

This means that even if I see something in someone else, I only tell them when asked and certainly don't force my opinion on them.

These are some, in my opinion, important parameters for dealing with the herbal primer.

I would like to thank you all and all the people who have placed their trust in me, often served as a guide and let me participate in your lives.

Sincerely yours

Andreas Strohmeier

I would especially like to thank my wife, Nicole Stattmann, for very closely monitoring my writing from the beginning and also for bringing in a lot of exciting topics. This would not have been possible without my wife and her support.

“I love you and am very grateful that you put up with me despite my craziness.”

Your Andreas